Day 22

Workout, breakfast and make a plan.

Well planning was sort of easy, head down North to avoid the places in the South, where the cruise ship people were visiting. We went to Columbus Monument to see how snorkeling was around the little bay. We heard the sound of jet skis, that were running around the area were at. It interrupted our snorkel a few times, making sure they saw us.

After that adventure, we headed out to St. Peter’s Point to lunch and snorkel.

It was not my best snorkel experience. Mike encouraged me to go out very far, but I hate deep water and had to have him bring me back to an area I felt comfortable snorkeling in. We struck a deal, I will stay in my shallow areas and he can snorkel in the deeper water.

After I got to a spot I was comfortable snorkeling in, I followed a school of blue tangs. I was happy to follow them around, until Scary Barry came up behind me and followed me for a while. I made my way in to shore rather quickly.

We came back late afternoon to watch our videos and have dinner.

Sunset was spectacular ular tonight. It even included a green flash!

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