Day 21

After breakfast, Mike had to move the stove out from our unit and replace it with another oven. Our host knows we love to cook and bake, she wanted to make sure we had the best possible oven to do that with.

We made a plan to go to Whelk Cay to try to recreate a photo from two years ago and walk in the opposite direction than we did last week.

Well the tide was rising and the sun was not in the right position to recreate the photo, we will try another day.

We started our beach walk and hike to see how far we could go. We walked beaches, cliffs, scrambled over rocks, found hidden paths and beach trash (Mike once found a leg of a mannequin, so friends of ours now look for body parts of dolls or mannequins). We went for a mile one way and then took the beach road back to our car for another mile.

We came back early for us, ate lunch and napped outside. The water was beautiful and we even had a nurse shark visit us.

After our naps, we came up to the apartment to make breakfast calzones for four of our mornings. It was quite the process of making the dough and the filling, but ohhhh are they good.

Sunset had a bit of color tonight, but once again a cloud bank got in our way, so we didn’t see it hit the horizon.

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