Day 20

And what a day it was. We worked out, had our coffee with a view that required us to linger about.

We made the plan to up South and start at Gordons Beach then if we were up to it visit a few more beaches on our way back. Well let’s be honest that wasn’t happening.

We walked a mile North to find an inlet we didn’t know was there. It was beautiful. We found a few sea treasures along the way. Last year when we walked this beach, I cried. I cried because I thought I would never see it again because I would catch covid and die. I was so happy to walk this beach again.

After our walk, we stopped at PitBull’s on the beach, drinking and talking story with Mr. Watson.

We were too tired to explore other beaches so we headed back to the apartment. We had change units as the AC was going in our first unit.

After that we ate a quick dinner and went to view the hiding sunset.

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