Day 17

It was a tea morning and then off to the farmer’s market. There might have been a battle over soursop…just sayin.

After the farmer’s market trip we headed off to Little Boat Harbor to go further on the sand road than we have before. We went till the sand road stopped, parked the car and walked to two beaches. Mike also had to climb the big rock.

I slipped on some rocks by the ocean so we called it day. We returned to our rental to clean me up (nothing serious and I was worried about Mike falling into the ocean on his climb…)

Honestly glad that I did slipped forcing us to go back early. If that didn’t happen we would have missed our visitor that stopped by, the manatee. He loved Mike, followed him around, nibbled on his leg and even licked it. He didn’t stay long and we waved goodbye.

Once that excitement wore off Mike worked on video editing. One of yesterday’s videos was finally processed in HD, so here it is:

I read while he worked, then we made dinner and dessert. Tonight’s dessert was crushed vanilla wafers, fat free yogurt, banana, mango all layered together.
After dinner we watched the sun set.
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