Day 16

Today we only two things we had to do, grocery shop and go to Max’s for lunch.

The morning started the same as every other morning.

After grocery shopping, we returned to the apartment and Mike started video editing. We learned that youtube takes 24 hours, at least to process our high definition videos, even ones that are only a minute or two long.

While Mike did that I sat around and read, of course I had the better gig. We headed to Max’s around lunch time. We wanted to pick up conch salad to go after lunch, to celebrate Bahamian Independence Day on Saturday.

Then it was back to the apartment for more video editing and I made Johnny Cake for us on Bahamas Independence Day.

Here is the 13 second clip youtube processed in HD.

After dinner we went down for the sunset. We wondered why the sunset has been obscured lately. We found out Bahamas is in the heaviest plume of Sahara dust right now. Guess is a yearly occurrence.

After the previous two days of exciting snorkeling, it was good to just hang out and rest our bodies.

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