Day 15

We thought we were taking a rest day from workouts, but didn’t turn out that way afterall.

Once we ate breakfast it was time to go down North.

Our first stop in the North was to pick up my custom sewn dresses featuring flamingos. The dresses are amazing, the fabric so light and comfy. Perfect school dresses.

We headed over to snorkel at Cape Santa Maria Beach by Ozone’s house. The water was crystal clear and we had an enjoyable time with the fishes.

After that we walked to the end of the beach to the house with the cannons. Mike snorkeled around the point over to the fan garden and I returned to our shady spot. I thought I was tired…

Mike returned excited by the reef (not his first time over there) and told me he had a buddy following him. He said if I wanted to go after lunch we could. I guess I wasn’t that tired, we went to snorkel it (more photos and video to be shown, will wait till we return home, internet slow here) . I finally saw the fan garden, he has talked about for the past few trips.

After that last snorkel, we had to have pictures with my hat and Mike flew the drone.

We didn’t get back to the apartment till after 3 p.m.We spent the time between arrival and dinner, watching our underwater footage. So much to go through, it will take a few days to get videos put together(upon rethinking that it will take till we get home).

After dinner we worked some more on photos, watched the sunset and just had to call it a day. What a fine day it was.

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