Day 18

Doesn’t everyone’s day start with exercise that produce rainbows?

After that we needed a hearty breakfast of ricotta pancakes and fresh fruit.

Our goal today was find a new to us beach and do a bit of a hike. We accomplished that goal from a tip a friend gave us. We found the trail markers, buoys. Instead of blue blazes follow the buoys.

We landed at McCanns beach, the harder of the one to access. We had been to the other McCanns beach that is reachable by road, this one involved a .3 mile hike to get to the beach.

We then billy goated up to the cliffs about the beach. We wandered around on top of the cliffs, able to see the other McCann’s beach and of course we had to take a few more photos of my hat and a selfie of us.

After exploring the area we headed back. On the way back we noticed we could see Thompson Bay area.

In total we walked around 2 miles. It was a great exploration. Once at our car, that was parked on the side of the road, a car stopped asking if we were ok and did we need any help? This is why Long Island is said to have the friendliest people. We said we were good, we chatted, mentioned where we stay. Off we all went.

Once at the apartment, Mike had gone up to grab some food, the couple stopped by to ask us out on their boat. Mike declined as we were both exhausted and hungry. They exchanged numbers and said we could join them next weekend. We will see if Mike is up to being seasick next weekend.

After dinner of leftovers, we went out for the sunset. Once again the clouds and dust hid it from us.

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