Day 11

It rained overnight!!!! It rained overnight!!! It rained overnight!! We even got up at 2 a.m. to look out the sliders to make sure what we heard was rain! Exciting times here!

We didn’t stay awake, back to bed until workout, breakfast, coffee time.

We went over to Whelk Cay and walked to the south of the entrance.

We jumped into the water to cool off and ended up chatting with a couple in their two kids. Come to find out we saw them at Tiny’s yesterday. They asked about places to visit and snorkeling on the island. Of course we had a list of places.

There is no beach shade here, so we ate lunch in the back of the car and had the most wonderful view.

After the walk in blazing sun, it was time to return to the apartment; relax, read,nap and work on food prep for tomorrow’s adventures (yet to be determined). Once again the sunset was a hazy one.

Well Mother Nature gave us a show after the sunset.

2 thoughts on “Day 11

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  1. Hi. I’ve been following your blog since your trip to Kauai where you house sat a few years ago. First oh all, you look amazing, I’ve been struggling for some time trying to loose some weight and I am wondering what has helped you and what is your morning workout? Thank you

    1. Wow thank you for still reading my blog! That’s mean so much to me. Thank also for noticing the weightloss. I started Weight Watchers in August I lost 50 lbs with that officially in June. In February of this year, I started working out crossfit style but with the group Street Parking to supplement weight lifting and walking. It finally clicked for me this has to be a lifestyle and just not once I reach weight goal I will stop. Look up Street Parking and if you like constantly changing workouts with a supportive community they are it, plus during COVID I was not stepping foot in a gym, I can do everything at home. If you are instragram, follow me at cthikergal, i post workouts there. You can do this!

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