Day 10

Ohhhhh we changed things up today, no workout!

After breakfast and a flower walk-about, it was time to go to the farmer’s market. Little tip, get there before the free divers show up (they snagged the mexican spinach). We had quite the haul today!

We did the standard grocery shopping to add to our haul, you know mundane life stuff.

After the mundane is was time to head out to Bonniecord beach or Love Beach.

After having fun with my instagramable hat, we had our lunch.

After hanging out for a mere hour, we returned to do some food prep for the week and get ready for our next outing.

Off to Tiny’s Hurricane Hole we went to have the wonderful dressmaker take my measurements for two custom flamingo dresses. While there a potcake adoption of Ringo was occuring. Everyone there decided Ringo needed to a be Connecticut dog, ha ha ha. Ringo was the sweetest three legged doggy.

At home I made a soursop banana bread. It actually turned out really good,shocking because I combined recipes and adding in the soursop was my special touch to it.

Sunset was hazed over tonight, so no dramatic skies. All is good, we ate well, made some new friends, received some puppy love and visited a beautiful beach.

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