Day 9

Morning routine didn’t change, workout, breakfast, decisions made.

Decision was to go to Hard Bargain to explore Diamond Crystal Salt Company remains, the salt flats and 20 mile stretch of beach. In order to find the beaches, you drive on an abandoned air strip and then on dikes between the salt flats.

Time warp of the drive on the dikes.

You will see remnants of the old Diamond Salt plant and the buildings that would house workers.

After that we found a spot to park and explored the beach. We only walked a total of 1.5 miles today. See I added in today, next visit maybe more. It was the perfect spot to have lunch. There is 20 miles of coastline beaches to explore here.

The afternoon was the same routine, but we made a kick ass dessert. It is a layer of local banana slices, dilly fruit mixed with cool whip, coolwhip,rum soaked ginger cookies, dilly puréed, more bananas and a sprinkle of ginger cookies.

We watched the sunset with Mike’s new friend. I named him Giggles (because I had a fit of them when the little guy just hung on to Mike). Amusing way to end the day.

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