Day 8

We have settled into life here, routines have been established.

Workout, coffee with a view, breakfast, load up the car with lunch, snorkel gear and beach stuff.

Today we explored a new area close by, “Nakey” beach. Get your minds out of the gutter people. We didn’t partake and act out the name. Instead we walked and spied turtle tracks. We attempted a snorkel. We snorkeled out to the cay but the waves were rolling a lot, so the water became milky and visibility just wasn’t there. It was shallow, so we walked back to the beach basically.

We headed back to Long Island Traders so I could try on the flamingo dress. Yes, I’m fixated on that dress. It was to large, so I will have a custom one made. I need to change the style a bit so it is more school appropriate.

Thunder rumbled off in the distance, causing us to head home in case a rainstorm kicked up. That didn’t happen which allowed us to lunch, read and nap down by the water.

After dinner, we watched the non existent sunset, as clouds obscured it for a third night in a row.

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