Day 7

If you have kept up with us to this point, you know our routine. We workout, eat breakfast, plan and prep for the day, go somewhere, come back, rest or read or float (or all three), dinner and sunset.

So what happened in our somewhere, you wonder? Went to meet up with friends at their rental. Met the owners that I follow on the gram. I might be getting a flamingo dress (mentioned yesterday) custom made by her.

Next we headed off to a place recommended by our island friends to snorkel. A new place for all of us and it took all our collective breaths away. We did get surrounded by thunder with lightning clouds. Nervous and cautious, my friend and I called our snorkeling exploration early and asked our husbands to return to shore. We watched the clouds and lunched. We all said this is a spot we must return to.

Well you know what we did the rest of the day (hint if you don’t, read first paragraph).

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