Day 6

Little more active today. Workout first and make a plan for the day.

Plan was after breakfast go to the road past Dean’s Blue Hole, to get out to the bays beyond it, that we couldn’t walk to. Well the road had a chain across it, so that was a no go.

We headed to Dean’s to do a beach walk to the coves we could get to. It was a half mile to the farthest point we could walk barefoot. Mike floated for a bit and I just stared off into the blue around us.

After that adventure it was lunch time! We went to one of our favorite places to have lunch, Turnbull.

Our next two stops were Yukon Jack for coconut rum and then Long Island Traders to see if they had a wide brim hat for me.

Best thing ever happened…Mike found Sands Passionfruit Radlers, my favorite thing!

And then another great thing happened I found an instagramram worthy hat at Long Islander Traders. I did have to hold myself back from also buying the flamingo dress.

We returned home to a glorious rain shower (it’s been so dry in Salt Pond). We decided a beer, radler and float were in order, well I had to model my new instagram worthy hat.

Well the rest of the story for today is the usual; nap, dinner, sunset.


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