Day 12

After a workout and breakfast we made a plan for the day.

However before we could execute plan, we had laundry to attend to. Mike went outside to check on laundry and come to find out he had someone watching over his shoulder.

Our exploration was over to Lochabar Bay. We thought we would just walk the beach, but as it was becoming low tide we realized we could walk around the blue hole and make it over to Clem Cay without snorkeling over.

We walked sandbars, waded in ankle deep water, watched sting rays and slogged some food over. We also saw these big round plastic rings and were trying to figure out what they were used for (still don’t know).

Short video on our walk over to Clem Cay.

Mike opted to snorkel back and I waded back to our starting point. Here is the image of where we started and where we went.

Of my course my hat had to have its photo shot.

We headed off to Galloway to have our lunch as that area provides us with a bit of shade.

Today was so tiring, we didn’t even have the energy to go outside to read once we got back to the apartment.

After dinner, it was typical sunset viewing time.

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