Day 4 – Curly Tailed Lizard Day

Up at 6 am to watch the morning wake.

Green Night Heron keeping me company in the morning.

Breakfast was chia parfaits and coffee, then we dashed off to the Farmer’s Market for goods. As I was exploring the property, before getting in the car, I ran into a banana spider enjoying his breakfast.

No greens today at the market, but we loaded on fruits. And Elizabeth L. if you are reading this, we have a little something to send you when we get home!

Our destination today was Guana Cay to go have lunch with the curly tailed lizards. It requires a snorkel swim over to the cay. The tide was making it way out and the current was strong. It took us 10 minutes to swim across.

We returned to the vehicle and enjoyed a radler while cleaning up, which translates to washing the sand off of us.

We returned back and sat by the beach. I was on manatee alert, because it was a year ago today, I had my first encounter. After an hour, we went in to nap, research new fins for next trip and had a snack.

We had a pre dinner float and I picked up an upside down baby jellyfish, learned later that they send out venomous snot rockets, so cool and sorry no pictures.

We made dinner of lentil nachos and then Mike made a killer dessert. It was a fruit parfait with a layer of dilly, coconut cookie, mango, banana, squirt of lime and gingernut cookie crumble with a light drizzle of local honey.

We finished off the evening with sunset viewing.

So another good day and btw the curly tailed lizards are bigger than last summer when we went over to have lunch with them.

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  1. What lovely pictures. It looks like you had a grand time! I have an (outdoor) Curly Lizard pet I call Hercules, because he is the biggeat lizard in our back yard. We have many other cute South Carolina anoles.😊

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