Day 3 – Feelin’ the Blues

My mind didn’t stop overnight. I thought maybe running away to the Bahamas, I could forget everything that is going wrong with the world, especially in the U.S., nope. I told Mike today, I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since we left the Bahamas in December and I probably won’t have one till the Covid Crisis subsides. So up early I was, trying to shake off the blues. I used the time to journal and watch the reflection of the sunrise over the water.

During breakfast we made a plan to visit Galloway and see how far we could drive out to get to some of the other coves. We packed up our lunch and headed out.

The tide was going out, so we didn’t ride the cut like we’ve done in the past. We drove over a rickety bridge to another a bridge that was gone, we backtracked to the cut, loaded up our bags, waded through the cut and just walked the beach for .6 miles south. Oh the blues, took away the life blues I was feeling.

We returned to a shady spot for lunch and a quick nap.

Hoa Kai beach blankets are the best!

After our lunch break, we headed back to the apartment. We had one stop to make, at Midway Mini Mart for more water. We also had placed an order for some local honey and the owner was about to call us that it was in, when we stopped in.

Once back at the apartment, we unloaded, and headed down to the water for snacks and to read some. After that we came back to nap and prep dinner.

Dinner was risotto with leftover fish from yesterday.

Post dinner ritual was to be had of sunset viewing and then we called it a night. So my blues of this morning, were chased away by the blues of the ocean, thank you Mother Nature.

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