Day 5 – Cloudy Days

Today was a cloud day for us both literally and figuratively. I begin every day as I usually do, with an hour to myself down by the water. Well today I wasn’t alone I the cats join me.

Had a pre breakfast, breakfast because we wanted to walk Hardings Beach before a large breakfast. We drove the five minutes over to Hardings on the Atlantic side and walked the beach, while keeping our eye on the storm cloud that was closing in.

We made it the car just as the thunder boomed. Once back at the rental, we made breakfast of french toast sticks topped with local fruits, guava jam and honey.

After breakfast, we checked radar and realized it didn’t matter if we went North or South or remained central, the storms were coming. We decided to head down North and visit O’Neill Beach and the green hole. We think we went on our first trip to visit this place, but really don’t remember it.

Sadly Hurricane Dorian hit the Abaco Islands in 2019 and the debris is finding its way to Long Island. The amount of clothes that we found was depressing.

Again we made it back to the car right as the rain came down on us, we took another road to find this green hole, we left at first because thunder was sounding. Then turned around and went back.

By two o’clock we were back at the apartment and had lunch at the gazebo while a storm blew in, complete with thunder and lightning. At one point we lost sight of the boats off of our beach, the rain was so intense.

With a break in the rain showers, we returned to the apartment and made breakfast sandwiches for a few days this week.

Eggy Vegetable breakfast sandwiches

We then listened to the Prime Minister of the Bahamas National Address and guess what? He is closing borders to commercial airline from the United States on Wednesday. We could stay, but if flights aren’t coming into the Bahamas, that means getting out gets complicated. So we spent (or rather Mike did) rebooking everything. We couldn’t get flights out of Long Island into Nassau till Wednesday, so we are out on Wednesday, two weeks early.

So we had dinner of leftovers, time to clean out the fridge meals remaining for our trip and went to sunset. Mike tried to cheer ourselves up with a dessert of coconut cookie sandwiches filled with mango and bananas after sunset.

So it was a dark day full of clouds. Cloudy beach days are awesome and maybe that was a bit of foreboding as to what was to come later in the day.

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  1. I saw the announcement and wondered if that would effect Americans already there. Sorry you have to leave early.

    1. We technically didn’t have to, but we thought it was the safest decision, as flights become less and less. Glad we did. American Airlines announced all flights in and out of the Bahamas will stop on Thursday. We would have a difficult time getting back to the states.

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