Sun, We Had Sun – Day 4

The sun made an appearance today and it was wonderful. We didn’t have to dodge rain showers and could get a beach walk in without having to look skyward to wonder when the heavens would let loose.

We rose before the sun, per usual, but delighted in watching it appear.

We enjoyed a lovely breakfast of a veggie egg dish with a side of Bahamian bread down at the gazebo. The winds had shifted and this was the perfect spot to breakfast.

breakfast with a view

After breakfast we made our game plan to return to Gordons to get in a long beach walk. We walked past the point and Mike spotted rays and perhaps a baby shark in the shallows. The water was a bit milky so we couldn’t discern the identity of the creatures with accuracy.

After our 2 mile walk we sat and enjoyed snacks. I spotted something Santa left behind here.

We packed up our gear and headed to Cabbage Point to see if the cut was swimmable, but with the tide going out, it wasn’t safe to do so. We enjoyed another beach walk and thought this might make a lovely sunset spot and possibly next year’s Christmas card photo shoot!

The morning sun has provided us with enough sun, so we headed homeward to have lunch and lounge around. Lunch was back at the gazebo, enjoying Mike’s Mediterranean salad he made the other day.

The rest of the afternoon was spent reading, taking down Mike’s gazebo lights (shhhh we aren’t discussing this, failure to bag the battery pack this time), a nap for me and then I made Johnny cake.

We were uncertain if a sunset would be viewable due to clouds moving in, but we decided to chance it and headed 20 minutes down the road to Cabbage Point. Yup a cloud bank obscured most of the sunset, but we still enjoyed the views (note: wear bug spray ALWAYS).

We returned back to the house to make dinner of “island gumbo” with the heaps of okra we have and fresh fish. Late dinner tonight for us and no picture because let’s be real it’s late for us to eat and I want to finish this blog to publish it, so we gobbled up dinner before I could snap a photo.

It was lovely to spend some time with sun today. I’m hoping she will stay around for a bit and we can enjoy more of her!

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