Chase the Bah Humbugs Away – Day 5

What a stormy morning

We woke early due to torrential rains coming down. We walked over to the main pod to have coffee and work on some editing, when thunder and lightning did appear. We checked the radar and the weather all over Long Island was very Bah Humbugish for Christmas Eve Day. Our hope was to head north today, but looking at the radar we would just be running into more rain.

After breakfast of french toast sticks, we headed to Seawinds to pick up a few grocery items.

French toast sticks

We made a plan to go to Galloway by the cut and see if the weather would change.

Galloway Beach

Dark clouds surrounded us, but we decided to fight the bah humbugs and get in the water when Santa came floating by with a reindeer.

After the float some potential future Christmas cards photo were taken.

We lunched after the float and walked around this part of Galloway beach, the dark clouds disappeared and bright sun appeared.

After our lunch and walk, we packed up and headed to the first part of Galloway Beach. Where we meet our instagram friend Iseewildtrees and her husband, they had just landed the night before and this was their first beach excursion out. Yeah I know, we meet on the internet and guess what? We are going on a boat trip with them too. It was wonderful to meet in person. We didn’t stay long, as we wanted them to enjoy the solitude of the beach. I was excited to find a new beach rock had appeared.

At the homestead, we headed down to the beach for another long beach walk to soak in the sun and admire the glorious blues of the water.

After the beach walk it was cocktail hour. We did have a wee bit of snake incident. Why do they find us in the Bahamas why? Christmas of 2004 was our first experience and well, we don’t tell that story to many. It’s a way of life here, but damn this little guy was getting in the way of Mike delivering Kaliks.

We decided dinner would be leftovers, which would allow us time to go view sunset back at Galloway. We did notice a huge cloud bank but decided to give it a go anyways. So no viewing of the sun setting, but it was still lovely.

We came back to gumbo leftovers, a game of blokus and working on this blog, which truly had the bah humbugs with all the technical problems that existed. I decided to abandon any more work on this thing and head outside to watch the night sky. WOW, we could see the milky way and we had shooting stars, you know I made a wish.

As we took the photos of us, I kept thinking of the caption, keep the storm at bay with mirth and merriment, chase those bah humbugs away.

Keep the storm at bay with mirth and merriment, chase the bah humbugs away.

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