Adapt and Adjust – Day 3

Early morning before the rain moved in

We thought the weather would shift today and give us the gift of a little more sun, but it didn’t happen. But we adapt and adjust and figure it out with no hard feelings towards Mother Nature.

I was able to snap one coffee with a view photo outside, before the rains came down.

We spent the early morning having ricotta pancakes, because as we learned from our friends on Staniel Cay, Sunday is reserved for pancake breakfasts.

We topped our pancakes today with locally made Sea Grape Jelly and a combo of ginger jelly mixed with locally made guava jelly.

We next spent the rest of the early morning, food prepping and I tried my hand at making Christmas crack, you know the saltines with caramel and chocolate chips melted on it. Umm that ended up in the garbage, it just didn’t work with the humidity here.

We planned more meals and realized we still needed a few things. As we got a late start out of the house, only one market had extended hours for the holidays, Hillside, so off we went to Midway. Typical Sunday hours for grocery stores here are 8 -10 a.m.

After picking up a few items we decided to continue our trek North, hoping to escape rain showers. We stopped in Simms at the government boat dock to snack and figure out a spot to “sightsee” at, because we couldn’t outrun the showers.

The plan was to return up South and stop at Morris Tomb and Grave Maker and the blue hole that is there. On our first trip here we paid a visit and decided why not again today.

We returned back to home base to share a peanut butter and guava sandwich before embarking on a beach walk between rain clouds.

I attempted to make a youtube video of our beach walk:

We barely made it back before a deluge hit, again. Once inside I tried to make that beach walk video and then just plopped on the couch to read, while Mike made dinner.

Yes, I was a little chilly so had to put on my Christmas socks!

Dinner was lentil sloppy joes but with nachos and toppings.

Really there is a nice scoop of delicious sloppy joe lentils in those bowls.

It was then I realized I hadn’t done anything with our photos or this blog today, so I quickly uploaded photos as we waited for the gazebo lights to go on….but they didn’t. We don’t know what is wrong and in the dark it is to hard to figure out.

So the weather hasn’t been cooperative, but really we are good at adjusting and adapting to our situation. We did get our toes in the sand, played with the go pro, and spent time sitting on the couch, reading and watching the waves crash, so no complaints. Oh and we have our good coffee and our own clothes, not like last trip….

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