Day 11 – Ho Hum

Well after yesterday’s unexpected manatee experience any day from now on is just going to seem ho hum. But I’ll take ho hum down here any day though.

Rain greeted me as I went out for morning mediation of clouds.

Came inside and made johnny cake, while Mike created tonight’s dessert of mashed bananas, dilly fruit parfait layered with gingersnap cookies topped with shaved dark chocolate.

We were interrupted though between goodie making and breakfast making by a rainbow!

As breakfast was finished being made of ricotta pancakes the rain had stopped and out we went to enjoy breakfast.

Our plan was to go down North today to the snorkeling spot south of Cape Santa Maria beach and we would explore the other reef by our dream house first. Another great healthy reef. Sadly our camera battery died at our first snorkel spot so no pictures of our second spot, which was a repeat spot anyways.

As we retreated from the water after our first snorkel, people had populated the beach, which was so unexpected because we have yet to see anyone here. There was an elderly couple that been dropped off by boat to have a moment on a desolate beach (well until we popped out of the water, ha ha). The crew set up an umbrella, chairs and drinks for them. We walked by, I’m sure ruining their perfect secluded beach moment.

As we walked two more couples were out walking in the water.

Further down the beach close to the first reef were two women and a kid splashing about. Oh my 7 people on the beach, geez the crowds.

We had lunch and hung our laundry out to dry.

On our way back to our home base, we stopped at Starfish Traders in Glintons to checkout their goods. Their mission is to create jobs for Long Island Natives. We picked up two napkins and a little bag.

Next up was Everglades Souvenir Shop in Burnt Ground to see Pastor Nixon’s amazing shell art. You can learn more about him here: If we had room in our luggage who knows what we have purchased.

We needed to stop at Millerton School Beach to check the dilly tree hanging with fruit, nothing was ripe. However our main reason was to take the bush trail to the beach to see if the wild orchids and bromeliads were blooming, no nothing was. Location of this trail and beach are easy to find now, walk behind the weather ball.

We headed home very exhausted. Spent late afternoon manatee watching and hoping and having kaliks. Dinner was salad with chicken.

No sunset float for Mike tonight, just a land viewing of the sunset for both of us. It wasn’t much of a sunset, hit the cloud bank that was higher up and didn’t provide us with drama.

So maybe it wasn’t the high adventure of the past week, but I’ll take a ho hum kind of day here over a ho hum kind of day back in New England!

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    1. Thank you so much. These islands do tug at the heart. Going to play powerball every chance we get!

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