Day 12-Tiring Day

When you visit 3 beaches, complete 3 miles of beach walks, swim over a few lots to check out a house for sale and watch kids sail you become so exhausted you can’t think of words to write the blog, so you don’t until the following day.

By now you know the routine, get up, look at morning clouds, make breakfast and plan the day.

After that we dropped in at the farmers market and today it had more than 3 vendors. Of course we are leaving in 3 days so we didn’t need a lot of things. We did pick up some fruit though.

We made a plan to go visit a new area on the Petty Hamilton line. Mike wasn’t sure which of two roads had beach access so we went down the first one. What we discovered both went to beach points, but the second one was paved, we should have taken the paved road.

We cooled off here in a little pool of water, where a fish actually nibbled me.

After that adventure we decided to head over to Compass Rose. The road is in worse shape compared to when we have been there in the past. Choose your driving path wisely, on the way out we didn’t and became a little stuck in a rut.

From here we went to Deans to see if our seabiscuit, carefully hidden, it had started to sun bleach. It had started the process so we took it with us.

We were very hungry at this point,  so across the Queens Highway we went to lunch at Turnbull gazebo.

We headed for home base, but first we had to stop to pick up a passion fruit radler.

Once back at base we put on some fins and swam over a few lots to look at the perfect house for us. You know what they say about timing? It’s all about the timing. If this house is for sale in 8 years it might be the one…and who doesn’t swim by a house that is for sale to get a good view of it?

And it has upside down jellyfishes, that’s a huge bonus for us.

Back from our scouting expedition we watched the Mack Knowles Jr Sailing Club from the beach, after a while we went over to the Cultural site to watch up close.

We had downtime before dinner of leftovers and then we watched the sunset, routines to begin and end our day.  It was a very tiring day and I just couldn’t write yesterday.

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