Day 10 – Just One of Those Days

The day started early, 6 a.m. I was outside doing school work and cloud watching. I had to finish a book for my online kids book club and had been putting it off, today was the perfect morning to work.

While completing my work, Mike so kindly brought me coffee and a slice of johnny cake. He had the task of making another pasta salad and cooking chicken for dinner dishes for the remainder of our time here.

After our chores were completed we headed up south to Cabbage Point, a spot we hadn’t explored yet. On the way south, we visited with the flamingos again.

Cabbage Point was a new place for us and we walked a bit. Mike even swam over the channel to see what the other slice of land held and then swam back,

We spent some time beach walking and hanging out in the water. It was picture perfect.

We did drive around a bit to check out a few houses on this beach. We came across a herd of goats, just handing out.

After that we headed up to Gordons to sit under the gazebo and lunch. Guess our timing was off because a retired couple had claimed the gazebo and didn’t welcome us in. We snapped a few photos and set off to our next lunch gazebo spot, Turnbull beach.

We unpacked our lunch and enjoyed a beautiful spot while eating our pasta salad.

We had to stop for beer and while there discovered that Sands beer makes a passionfruit radler. This is a note to us for our return at Christmas, we just need one case of Kalik and a case of passionfruit radler and we are good to go. Sorry no photo of me enjoying it in the car, living the life…

At the homebase, we grabbed kaliks and walked down to our sitting spot. I even brought a book down to read, but the view had me looking around, when all of sudden I noticed a moving blob in the water. I said to Mike, “I think we have a manatee out there.” We grabbed the camera and off we went. At first we weren’t sure what it was and if necessary we knew we could hop in the boat to avoid any attacks. We didn’t see a shark fin and then we realized it was a manatee. We didn’t want to stress it, but it came right up to us, brushed against us like a cat and followed us around. We snapped a few photos and took a video or two. It was a magical experience.

After that we just hung out till dinner, had leftovers and then did our sunset ritual.

You know today was just one of those days, where magic happens.

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    1. It was a day we won’t soon forget! Can’t wait to read your reports on your next island adventures!

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