Day 9 – An Instagram Influencers Kind of Day

So it’s a known fact that we mock influencers. You know the ones that disregard their personal safety, the ones that don’t care about you enjoying a sight while they get THAT photo, the ones that wear the flowy dress with the oh so cute hat that has the other half of their partnership taking the photo from on top of the car or in a contorted position…them. Today, here was made for them, the lighting perfect, locations stunning, little bit of risk taking to get some shots and with the right outfit, WOW.

It began with the moon over the water early this morning.

Followed by a jaunt over to the ocean side to find flamingos, no flamingos but the sun rising over the pond, perfect.

Followed by a lovely breakfast of crepes filled with bananas overlooking the water.

Then a drive over to Harding Beach with a walk.

Which came before the beach walk at Salt Pond Beach.

That was followed by a mid morning exploration at Whelk Cay. We did a bit of snorkeling, which was not instagram influencer worthy, the reef was lifeless of coral and had only a few fish. Also the water was full of garbage and plastic bags. The current was so strong, I was actually motion sick, something that doesn’t happen to me.

After that adventure, we explored the rocks. I was walking above where Mike was, when he yelled “come down here, I found an instagram influencers dream location.” So down I went and yes he was correct it was pretty amazing under the arch. Sadly we didn’t have the “right” outfits, just our swim sun protection outfits on.

Arch photos were followed by exploration of the rocks, Mike figuring out how to safely get in the pool of water (it wasn’t safe, he didn’t) and then lunching out on the rocks.

It was a full morning that stretched into early afternoon that also included doing laundry between beach visits, but really who cares? We returned back to home base, to have that instagram shot of a beer and relaxation.

Dinner was amazing dish of a lentil pepper casserole thingy, but not really up to par with our lunch time view.

The finale of the day was sunset, any sunset here would make an influencers heart go pitter patter.

We are ok not being those influencers, I’ll stick with my coffee with a view influencing thank you very much!

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