Day 4 – Follow the Bush Trails

Today we took two bush trails that led us to beautiful beaches and amazing snorkel spots. First though we had to wake up, appreciate the morning light and make food for the day.

Our meal plan for the day was breakfast of hash browns and eggs. Lunch was pasta salad and for dinner Mike made lentil sloppy joes. I also attempted my favorite johnny cake recipe, but sadly it burned and was dumped. I learned that this oven bakes at a higher temperature and faster than what I am used to.

After breakfast we had a grocery store run to complete and then return home to make lunch and pack up for the day. When we returned home, our host gifted us with two ripe fruits and informed us of the bush trail to Cape Santa Maria Beach away from the resort and what to do if the caretaker of the nearby property questioned us.

View from the grocery store parking lot

Our first stop was Newton Cay over the Busted Bridge. On first trip here in December of 2017 we walked over to the first beach, but couldn’t find the path to go to the other coves.

Today we found the bush trail and went exploring. You might be able to see the trail on this map.

go to the end of the first beach, turn left where you see a faint path, follow it, don’t go to the first cove on the right.

We hit the first cove, said keep going and went to another one. Oh the views and photo ops.

We found a spot to drop our stuff (note to ourselves, take all foodstuffs and swim shirts when going on any adventure). We planned our snorkel route, start in one cove, ride the current through the cut in front of the rock and snorkel the other area before getting out. See the google map below to see the area.

Because we didn’t bring all our foodstuff or snorkel shirts, we didn’t snorkel as long as we could have. The snorkeling was phenomenal and we do plan on returning.

We did take a different path and ended up at the first cove, when we corrected ourselves, we found the trail back to the busted bridge. Really all you need to do is look for this palm tree to guide you.

At the car, we lathered up with sunscreen and headed south to Galliot Cay and the Cape Santa Maria Beach area, away from the resort. We took the bush trail to the beach, following a property wall.

At the beach we found a shady spot and lunched. We both agreed the mediterranean pasta salad was better than our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, our typical beach fare.

The water was inviting, I went for a snorkel and Mike went for a float. If you know us, it is usual that I float while Mike snorkels, it was a reversal for us.

The snorkeling was the perfect type I like, calm waters, close to shore and millions of fishes with amazing coral to view. Ok I did come face to face with a huge barracuda (sorry, no pictures), but I only had that one encounter and I think I scared him more than he did me.

I had to end my fun earlier though because I’m was turning very red on my back. I floated with Mike for a while and we snapped some photos.

We returned home late afternoon and I really wanted to snorkel at the beach here at the apartment, but common sense prevailed and I didn’t, to much sun for my fair skin.

We made dinner of lentil sloppy joes and a salad, enjoyed it down by the water. After dinner it was make dessert of a dilly fruit on a ginger nut cookie and write this blog!

Sunset was the best one yet this trip, still lost the sun behind clouds at the horizon, but it had its own certain beauty about it.

Lesson today, take those bush trails, take that path because you might discover a gem of a place.

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