Day 3 – Mother Nature’s Amusement Park

Oh Mother Nature you provided us with such joy today, we loved your visual presentations, wild rides and underwater adventures. We certainly felt like we were in Mother Nature’s Amusement Park.

I was up early and went to see the drama of the clouds down by the water. Overnight we had a downpour, much needed to fill the cisterns here. The dark clouds enveloped us most of the day.

After savoring the quiet of the early morning, I returned to the apartment and made dinner for tonight, tuna noodle casserole. It is so hot here the best time to cook dinner is in the morning and reheat in the microwave at dinner time. After that was made it was time to make breakfast. Our host, Cheryl gave us a very ripe papaya yesterday, which was a perfect topping for our french toast sticks for breakfast.

Remember the rain I mentioned? It really brought out the frogs and this one was carrying her baby.

After breakfast we prepared our gear and lunch for the day. Our destination was Galloway Beach, but further out than we have driven before. On our way to our destination, the ancient island woman that sells fruit by the roadside had a bunch of dilly fruit. We stopped and I asked her how much, she said 3 for $5, which I thought was a bit steep. We had stopped and I didn’t want to give tourists a bad reputation so I said sure. I picked my 3 dillies and then she told me to take two more. I don’t know what happened next but she grabbed all the fruit she had and walked it to our car. In total she gave us 13 dilly for $5, what a bargain, now we just need them to soften up.

Oh my Mother Nature outdid herself today with the views and the “river” adventure we had. We walked the beach, the sandbars, we had a wild ride down the river towards the ocean and then we lunched. It was a blast and oh yes we plan to return here this trip.

After lunch we headed out to Lochabar Bay area to walk a bit. While walking we spotted turtles swimming about.

As I was starting to crisp up, we decided it was time to head back home. At home I went for a snorkel, Mike paddleboarded and then enjoyed a float. I worked on my underwater picture taking skills, as I haven’t done it in a while. I still need to work on it, but the little jetties on our beach provide for a great practice area.

After our snorkel and paddle/float, we retired indoors until dinner time. After dinner and clean up, it was sunset time and another float for Mike. Sunset wasn’t grand, but we will cut Mother Nature some slack as she provided a great amusement park for us all day, she worked hard!

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