Day 2 – All the S words

Sunrise, scrambled eggs, shopping, snorkeling, sandwiches, swim, snooze, snack, supper and sunset. There that is our day!

I watched the clouds change as the sun rose and then had my coffee savoring the song of the birds while devouring a plate full of scrambled eggs. Then we were on to our next S word, shopping.

After shopping was completed for more necessary food items, we made a plan to visit a beach close to our rental, McKanns. We explored this area on a previous trip, discovering a hurricane destroyed resort, where the owner tracked us down, wanting to know if we were investors.

This adventure we went the other way. We went above the beach to check out the cove area, find a path down to the area. Once on the beach we had a little swim followed by a small beach walk.

As we walked, we debated on whether or not to go for a snorkel, the water was a bit rolly, the water a bit churned and we knew the reef was a bit of a swim for me. We decided to go for a snorkel and see if worth returning on a calm day. I mustered up my courage to go way out as I’ve a huge fear of being sucked out to the ocean (I blame my sisters for this, they told me stories as a kid of being caught in undertows and how scary it is) and we went out. Boy are we glad we did, what a great reef, not many pictures because Mike has to get used to using the underwater camera again and it was a bit rolly, like I said.

Time to find a lunch spot and enjoy our typical peanut butter and guava jelly sandwiches on a beach. We drove about 12 miles down north to Deals beach, where we knew we had shade and munched on our lunch.

We were pretty tired for our adventures so back we headed to have a little snooze before snacks, supper and sunset. However, as I slipped into snoozing wear, I discovered I was full of sand, so down to the beach we went so I could swim around and clear out all the sand that filled my bathing suit bottom, such problems! Then it was back to our plan of snooze, snack, supper, sunset.

On our many trips to Staniel Cay, we had a wall that we would have our evening snacks on, it was a perfect place. We truly haven’t found a replacement in Kauai, Oahu or here until now. We found our evening snack area finally.

After our snacking, we returned to the apartment and started fixing supper. We dined in the same spot as we snacked at. We are becoming enamoured of the view here. After dinner we cleaned up and waited until sunset viewing time. Clouds once again blocked the sinking of the sun, but the clouds provided their own beautiful drama.

As an educator I hate when students come to me to tattle that so and so said the S word, it could mean so many negative things. I prefer vacation S words so much more.

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