Day .5 – 1 Arrival in Long Island

Our travels began on Monday afternoon after Mike left work. We did the 2.5 hour drive to JFK to spend the night in the new TWA hotel located at the airport. Location was great, right by Terminal 5 and our JetBlue departure early the next morning. We had dinner there, tasty but expensive and spent the night. The room lacked some amenities such as lotion and a coffee maker.

We set our alarms for 3:15 a.m. and left the room by 4 a.m. after making instant coffee using lukewarm tap water. At least we had the smarts to bring some decent instant coffee.

We walked right up to TSA precheck with no wait and cleared in seconds. We boarded at 5:15 and promptly left at 5:50.

It was a mere 2.5 hour to Nassau. We landed as the first Southern Air flight to Long Island was taking off. Southern Air was kind enough to let us check in and hold our luggage. Normally they don’t do check in until 3 hours before the flight but we would be hauling our luggage around and they didn’t want us to have to do that. We grabbed a taxi and went to Compass Point Resort for a late breakfast. What a lovely place to wait and have a very filling meal.

We returned around 11 a.m. and had another 3 or so hours to wait until our out island flight was departing. We napped, walked and attempted to get my Bahamian phone number to activate (we eventually did when we realized Mr.SimCard had not done his job).

Our plane was called around 1:45. I had joked with Mike on the weekend, the Hon. Adrian Gibson, MP would be on our flight. It wasn’t a joke, there was Adrian boarding with us. I chatted with him till we were on the plane. He is doing some amazing things for this island and it was lovely to get to know him.

I didn’t pick good seats on the plane so our views of the islands we flew over were obscured. We did wave to our friends on Staniel Cay though.

Once we landed our rental car was waiting with keys already for us to go. We’ve used Unique Wheels enough, they trust us to leave the vehicle at the airport for us, no more waiting around for them to show up. Our first stop was….I know some of you will say for beer, but no…..fresh bread at Erica’s Bakery in Clarence Town, the opposite direction of where we are staying.

Bread from Erica’s Bakery

We then stopped at the three “major” grocery stores on the island. The boat had just come in so there were lots of fresh vegetables to be purchased.

Our brains were starting to turn to mush, so we landed at our home base, C Shells Guest Quarters in Salt Pond and unpacked, made dinner and watched the water.

No real sunset tonight, it was blocked by clouds. We had thought we could go to the Independence Day festival from 8 p.m. to midnight down the road, but it’s not safe for us to be out after being up since 3 a.m. Maybe I’ll get up at midnight to watch the fireworks….we’ll see if tomorrow morning I add an addendum to this…

addendum: slept through the fireworks….

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