You Finish Where You Start – Day 8

Our morning started with a beach walk and you guessed it, it ended the same way.

Up early hoping the day would deliver calmer winds, clear skies, beach walks that didn’t involve waiting for the downpours and shells.

The day delivered and then some.

Morning started with a lovely sunrise that included blue skies!

We went on first morning beach walk of this vacation.  A big reason we rented this house was to walk the beach in the morning. Our last two rentals on Long Island didn’t have expansive beaches to stroll. We had heard there  was some good shelling going south on the beach, so we headed south.  Wow at low tide, shellers delight!

Back at our gazebo, we poured more coffee, wind was still a bit strong and some coffee became airborn as Mike poured!


We needed food so back up the house we trekked and had egg sandwiches on the bread from the bakery.  Their bread is the best on the island!


We threw around some thoughts on the day’s adventures and finally settled on going to Gordon’s beach and walking south this time, as far as we could go.  We heard rumors shelling was good going south and we had never walked to the end before.  We gathered our morning’s supplies and headed off.  Gordon’s was very busy, maybe a total of 5 family units by the time we departed, two hours later.

We told Pitbull the other day we would be back. I’m sure he thought we wouldn’t be, but we keep our word and stopped in for a beer.  We learned he sells fish.  Grouper season is over, but the guy has freezers full of grouper he caught in season.  For $20 he gave us a huge bag.  He didn’t have any lobster because the winds have been to strong and he hasn’t had a chance to go check on his pots.

We had two stops to make before we landed at “home”. Wanted to pick up two trivets at the guy who does straw work in Dunmore and ummm, we needed more Kalik so into Petty’s we went.

Once “home” Mike made a fish stew for dinner (actually for all dinners till we leave, it made so much) and we read on the upper deck in the shade.  I did sneak in a little nap too.

A little before 5 p.m. we went for a beach walk.  Mike turned around before I did, I continued on to the shelling spot to find more treasures and I did (sorry no pics of the shells I picked up). Not a bad deal, I shelled while Mike finished cooking dinner our fish stew served over polenta.

Even though we are on sunrise side of the island, sunset was beautiful on our side with the pinks lightly painting the sky.

Our day started on this beach and ended here.  This was the kind of day we have been craving all week.  It was nice that the day delivered!

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