Homebodies – Day 9

We pretty much remained close to the house today.  No far out exploring, rather we explored closer to the house.

Sunrise was lovely once again today.

As we were planning out our day I heard Mike yell “there is a big ass rainbow out here.” so off we went to capture it.

We then decided on a beach walk to the shelling spot on our beach.  What the sea gave us yesterday, the sea took away today. Shelling this morning wasn’t grand.

We made breakfast of ricotta pancakes and watched the seas for a while.

After breakfast we adventured over to Dunmore Plantation Ruins, within walking distance of the house.  Lord Dunmore ran a slave plantation that grew sisal, pineapple, and cotton.  From reports we read, we thought we would find the cistern and columns to the entrance way, however we really only found one fireplace, some stone footings and of course a spider!   If you do go, wear long pants and shoes that can handle rocks, no flip flops! On our way to the house we avoided a feral pig.

After exploring here went hopped in the car and went down the road a bit to explore Dunmore Caves.  We tried last April, but the amount of stinging wasps made it difficult to explore.  Today the wasps weren’t as bad so we could explore a little more.  Mike was the brave explorer and went into a pocket of the cave, while I remained outside.

After exploration we returned to a few hours of reading, lunching and just taking in the views.  Around 2 p.m. we decided to walk to the end of the beach, the south end again, but this time take our shoes to go by the abandoned house and see what was on the other side, we knew we would be walking on ironshore.  On our way there we passed the shelling station and Mike had a great find.  Once at the house, we wound our way around and explored the area. We found a great little pool that we floated in as waves rushed in.  We had a blast here.

On our return walk back, Mike was ahead of me and left me a message in the sand to discover the shells he picked for me!

After our 2 hour adventure we landed at the house and decided maybe we could adventure out for sunset.  We cleaned up, got some appetizers and beer together and headed out to Turnbull Beach.  We did have a green flash, but we weren’t able to capture it tonight.

We stuck rather close to home today and it was a great day, just hanging out and enjoying the beach and sea around us.

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