It’s a Christmas Miracle – Day 4

We have a Christmas miracle and a Christmas Angel, Vern.  Vern found our luggage and will be getting it to us on Boxing day.  More on that later…

Our early morning wake up was to stormy weather, which  means coffee inside and food prep for a few days.


Breakfast was a potato, veggie, egg scramble with a slice of Bahamian bread and guava jam.


After our chores were completed for the morning, we headed out to the airport, leaving the rainy weather at the house, hoping for a Christmas miracle.

On our way there, the homeowner texted us Merry Christmas wishes and I explained our woes.  He helped us out and phoned the airport and told us to talk with Vern.  Once at the airport, Vern became our Christmas angel. She had a photo of our bag that was sitting all alone at Stella Maris airport on the island.  Somehow the tracking tags were removed and it couldn’t find us.  We hugged her (me multiple times) and yes I cried.  The airport where the bag was at was closed, but she  said she would retrieve it for us and bring it to Deadman’s airport on Boxing Day.  We love you Vern!

Yesterday when we were told, someone might have taken it and given the runaround, I told Mike just book us a ticket home asap.  As the words were spilling out I realized, I am home, where ever Mike is, is home, so flying back to CT would be pointless.  Glad he knew to ignore my request.

From the airport, we went to Ford’s beach for a little walk and some shelling.  On the way to the beach, the goat crew populated the road for a bit.

Ford’s beach is perhaps one of the best shelling beaches we have discovered here.  We arrived at high tide, so pickings were slim, but really we were on a high knowing we would be reunited with our clothes tomorrow, so we didn’t care.  The views here are just beautiful.

As we departed the clouds let loose and rain dumped.  At home we made our standard island lunch of peanut butter and guava jam on local bread.  We were able to go down to the gazebo for 10 minutes before the rain reached us.

And it rained and rained. This is a perfect napping house for rainy afternoons, so of course I did just that, while Mike read.  After the nap, I tried my hand at watercolors, I am not an artist by any means, but hey it was fun.


While I was playing around, Mike went out and decorated the tree with lights.  Yes yesterday’s bag had all our decorations, so we are a bit behind in getting the lights up.

As he was finishing, a magical rainbow appeared oceanside.  It hovered over the water and was stunning.

The skies cleared and were finally able to go for a long beach walk.

Following our walk, it was appetizer time, island style.


Time to have dinner after snacking, delicious grilled wahoo with the salads we made this morning.


After our delicious we had our tree lighting ceremony, followed by yahtzee.

Thanks to our Christmas Angel, Vern we got our island groove back.


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