Naughty or Nice List? – Day 3

I believe one of us was put on Santa’s naughty list and the other one was put on his nice list.  You can fight amongst yourselves where to place us…

We woke up early, listening to the waves and asking the universe to deliver our luggage today.  Stormy rain clouds surrounded us, so we made coffee and ate our muffins we picked up yesterday, realizing the incoming morning flight would be delayed due to rain.

After breakfast we went to three markets to pick up items before stopping the airport to check on luggage status.  I love the view from the Hillside Store parking lot.


On way home we stopped at the airport and told the morning flight was delayed, the bags were on the plane and to come back later.  We returned to the rental, dropped off the food and beer and returned to the airport.


And we arrived at the airport to locked doors, yup we missed the incoming flight, but looking in the airport building our bags weren’t there.  What was the next logical thing to do? Go drink at Max’s Conch Bar.


While sitting there a man struck up a conversation with us. We told our woeful story.  He told us he has a house here, a boat and heard his Bahama Air stories.  It was going well, until he started bashing educators about all the time we get off.  If I had the energy I would have said a few words to change his mind, but I didn’t.   As we left he did tell Mike he could borrow some of his clothes and gave us his card to call him, the redeemed him a bit in my eyes.

Back to the airport we returned and were told the bags would be on the afternoon flight.  The worker said she called and all bags were on the afternoon flight, if they didn’t come in the morning flight.  Guess what? Back to the house we went.  We had enough time to look outside, bake the crust for dessert and read a little.


We returned to the airport, only to sit and wait for 45 minutes for the flight, it was delayed.  The flight arrived with only one of our bags.  One of our bags had the coffee and clothes and the other had chargers, snorkel masks, sweaters for our beers, santa hats and a camera.  The bag with electronics arrived, but not the other one.  The new story is it was on the morning flight and someone must have taken it, oh well, sorry nothing we can do was what we were told.  But stop by on Christmas for the morning flight, maybe….Stories are told, the run around is wearing us out.

It’s Christmas eve, 4 p.m. at this point, would any of the stores be open that had clothes? Trust me, we don’t have a big choice here. We stopped at one place, they had guys board shorts, I stood in the store and just started crying.  Feeling frustrated sucks.  The ladies were so kind, one even was concerned if I had underwear and she would give me her unopened pack of unides if I wanted, sure make me cry harder over your kindness.  The ladies directed us to the one clothes store on the island that would be open, so off we went.

We spent over $250 on three board shorts and 3 tee shirts for Mike. For me, one tee shirt, some undies, a bathing suit (only the top fits, forget the bottom) and one short.  So please forgive all future pictures on this trip, we will be in mismatched, ill fitting and in stunningly bright clothes.

Mike modeled one outfit on our first beach walk when we returned home.


This was our first beach walk and we didn’t travel far, it was needed therapy to get our feet in the sand.

After our brief walk, I made dinner while Mike opened our one piece of luggage to see what was in it.  It provided a much-needed laugh, the beer sweaters for our beer arrived, so our beer has clothes but we don’t.

I made a yummy Christmas Eve risotto and we finished making our coconut bars for dessert for the week.


After dinner, we organized our stuff and I wrote, nothing exciting.

What a day of running around and be given the run around.  Maybe if someone did take our luggage they will return it, maybe if it is hanging out in Nassau it will arrive tomorrow, life is full of maybes, so maybe it will all turn out ok.

But really one of us must be on the nice list and the other on the naughty list…


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