Reunited and It Feels So Good – Day 5

I felt like a little kid on Christmas morning, all giddy with excitement knowing we would be reunited with our luggage today.

First things though coffee down at the beach watching the sunrise.  We finally have a rain free morning to get down to the beach.

After our first cup of coffee we returned to the house to make ricotta pancakes for breakfast.  This is the first time I added coconut to them and wow, it made it taste so tropical.  We topped our deliciousness with guava jam and bananas.  No need for maple syrup.


After devouring this scrumptiousness, we headed to the airport. Once there Vern, our Christmas Angel, greeted us with  a big smile and went to her car to grab our bag.  We hugged her repeatedly and I gave her some fancy chocolates, I had brought from home that were actually in the bag that never left my side.  I had two boxes and I was able to give out both on this trip.  I think from now on I will travel with some of the nice chocolates, never know when you might need a thank you!


Once we returned with our precious cargo, we unpacked the item that we missed the most and had really been suffering without first, our coffee.


After unpacking the clothes and getting into proper fitting bathing suits, we headed out to revisit some of our favorite beaches.  We are staying on Lochabar Beach, however we love Lochabar Bay for the blues of the water and Clem’s blue hole, so we headed over there.  Once again it was high tide and choppy so any snorkeling and shell collecting was not going to happen.  But a beach walk was going to happen.

Our next beach stop was Galloway Beach to sit and eat our lunch.  You can guess what lunch was, our island lunch preference, pb and guava!

I started to pink, so it was time to head back to the house to rest and lotion up again.  Following the nap, we went into Clarence Town to the Boxing Day Bazaar.  We tried to go last year, but couldn’t find it. Which if you knew how small the town was, you would laugh at us.  At the bazaar we picked up a few tickets to purchase a homemade dessert spice loaf and some conch fritters.  While there we ran into a family that flew over with us.  Our luggage woes were nothing to compared to theirs come to find out. Their luggage is still in Nassau waiting to clear customs and these people have little people.  So really I can’t complain. We were here around 2 p.m. on the early side of things. We heard it really gets going after 4 p.m.

On our way home with our conch fritters, we stopped at one last beach for the day, Dunmore beach.  The wind had really picked up and we could see rain clouds approaching, so we didn’t walk far or for long.

Once home, we had appetizers of conch fritters and watched the rain approach. Sadly it looked like it was headed for Clarence Town and the Boxing Day fun.

We did have two good beach finds today, after visiting three beaches (four if you count ours).


Our late afternoon fading into evening, was laid back and easy. Dinner of chicken enchiladas and cards to finish off the day.

So happy to have our bag back and even better knowing it wasn’t taken, just misplaced.  I am so excited for tomorrow’s cup of coffee, so good to be reunited with our clothes and good coffee.

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