Early Birds Catches..

an empty trail. We had the trails to ourselves most times, lighting may not be the best, but an empty trail is worth it. Today we hiked around Valley of Fire in Nevada and it was marvelous.

The road into the Valley was stunning and just when you think it can’t get any prettier it does.

Our first hike was the Fire Wave, we fully expected a horde of people to be there due to instagram popularity, but by getting there a little before 9 a.m., no one was on the trail.  It was just a .6 miles to the wave, a short walk.  We spent a total of an hour and 20 minutes in this area.  Finally on our way out people were coming in. We had the entire wave section all to ourselves, so we acted like 5 year olds playing on rock piles.

Once back at the car, we snacked and all of a sudden I finally see a Desert Big Horn Sheep (Ram) off to the side of the car.

After the snack break we headed up to the end of the road to explore White Domes trail.  This was just 1.25 mile loop, but so amazing.  The parking lot maybe had 5 cars in it and no one was around. Once again being early gives us a fairly empty trail. Yes I did start to cry on this hike because the beauty of this place overwhelmed me.

As we exited the trail, we looked up at a full parking lot and a line of people, at least 25 of them walking our way.  I think if we had to share the trail with so many people I would have cried for a different reason.

After that we drove through the park, stopping at various overlooks and even once stopping for some Desert Big Horn Sheep (ewes).

We decided to take the Lake Mead Recreation Area Road down to Boulder City.  Again this was another great road to travel with very little traffic.  We decided we need to explore this area more and hopefully will come back another time to hike around here.

Once we hit Boulder City, we stopped at Boulder City Brewing for lunch and a beer.  The beer and food were decent.


After that stop we visited LoveLady Brewing in Henderson for another beer.  This brewery had great beers and a fun atmosphere.  Would definitely return here.


We grabbed dinner at a nearby grocery store, had dinner in our hotel room, I attempted to write this post, but gave up due to technical issues and we both fell asleep at 7:30 p.m.

It pays to be the early bird on the trails!


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