Delays, Diversions and Departures – Day 1

Saturday the plan was fly DC to Nassau, catch a 2 p.m. flight to Long Island and be at our rental house by 3:30 p.m.  The plan didn’t happen, but a new plan was devised and that plan was achieved.


Our flight from DC was delayed, the incoming plane was having mechanical issues so another plane was routed our way, which arrived later than original departure time.  We realized early on in the day that making the 2 p.m. flight was not going to happen.  I put a call out to island friends on FB looking for hotel and dinner suggestions in Nassau, knowing we would have to have spend the night and try to get out on Sunday to Long Island.  Friends responded with hotel and food suggestions.  We rebooked out Saturday flight to Sunday and booked a hotel room in Nassau.

When all of a sudden friends on Staniel told us of a 4:30 p.m. flight to Staniel with a returning flight to Nassau on Sunday morning, that would get us back to Nassau in time to catch the 2p.m. flight to Long Island.  Well the crazy kids that we are, we decided to book a flight to Staniel Cay for the night and stay with friends. Meanwhile…the homeowners of the Long Island rental, found us a 5 p.m. to Long Island and there was a chance we could get on that.  We had become excited to see our Staniel friends, so we remained with the Staniel plan.

Our flight left DC a bit later than expected and the 2 hour and 6 minute flight, took much longer, There was a flow control heading into the south airspace, we sat on the runaway for a bit in DC.  Then we entered Bahamian airspace and we had to wait to land, we were detoured over the Exuma Chain, circled a bit and finally landed at 2:40.

We didn’t deplane for another 15 minutes and had to clear Customs and Immigration before we could check in to our next flight, which by the way we had to be checked in by 3:15 p.m.  At 3:10 we made it to the check in counter and were told to immediately get to the gate.  I had to use the restroom and was told I had a few minutes.  While in the stall they called our flight, of course that happened.

Good thing I did get to use the bathroom, we sat on the 15 seater for over an hour.  We watched our luggage sit in a truck next to us.  Finally we got to move and as the door shut, we said to the co pilot, “ummm our luggage is still on the truck.” His reply, “no worries, it will come on the next plane.”  We shrugged knowing full well, the next plane was probably Sunday morning.  Planes were lined up everywhere waiting to take off, come to find out Bahamian air traffic controllers are striking and have created a go slow condition.


We landed after sunset.  Our friends were waiting, but our luggage was not. Talking with Sam from Flamingo Air, she told us our luggage would arrive in the morning, and I said when we fly it out.  She was stunned we were only here for one night, but when I explained it was a chance to spend time with Terri & Mal, she understood.  We had our first Kalik of the trip and I marveled at the view from their home, a view I never tire of.


We started with Mal’s smoked salmon to munch on while waiting for dinner of fresh caught cracked conch and crawfish, sweet potatoes and tomato onion salad.  It was a delicious meal and being with our friends felt like a homecoming.  After dinner, we admired the full moon and called it an early night.

So what? we were delayed, we created a diversion to Staniel Cay with the help of friends and departed Nassau for a great overnight trip.  There were some anxious moments, but we took it all in stride and realized why get upset, we were lucky enough to have a chance to see our friends!

And as for our luggage, stay turned for the adventures of day 2!

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