Hitting the Low Point in Our Marriage

Yup we hit the low point in our marriage…


How did we get to this point in our marriage? Well we took at 347 mile road trip today that took us to Death Valley Badwater Basin, lowest point in the United States.


Our route was a big loop.


Our route started down and then went north.  This was a great route to follow because most of the time the sun was to our back, so the hills and mountains we stand outs.

We entered Death Valley and had to stop at the sign.  We have a new tripod with a remote camera shutter and had to practice using it, we didn’t realize the delay effect, so we moved a bit before the final picture was taken.

We continued on ohhing and ahhing as we went.

Our first stop after the sign was Ashford Mills, which included a bathroom!

We drove past Mormon Pass.

After the Mormon Point we entered our lowest point in our marriage, Badwater Basin.  We walked 1 mile out to the flats.

After this place we stopped at Devils Golf Course.  If you’ve seen ironshore, it is very similiar in appearance.

From here we turned off to explore Artist’s Palate.

Our next place to stop was Zabriskie Point, but everyone was there and the lighting wasn’t perfect, so I made a quick bathroom run and we kept on moving on.

Our next stop was the ghost town of Rhyolite and the Goldwell Open Air Museum, we even visited the Bottle House.

My eyes had forever been scanning for wild burros, finally in Beatty I shouted “stop the car, there are burros.” Mike was convinced they were fake because their location was perfectly located at a pull off.  I told him I didn’t want to have anymore of his shenanigans on this trip and they were alive and real!

Tiredness had set in at this point.  When Mike commented is that a sand dune off in the distance, I thought he was seeing things.  Then a sign appeared “Big Dune” and we realized it was real.  You know we had to go see it, we turned on a dirt road and headed five miles down it.  Unfortunately, we didn’t get close enough to touch the dune, it was a bit to far to walk it, atvs were the way to get there. We did watch atvs drive the dunes.

After this we needed a full meal, so while Mike drove I hunted for dinner.  We ate early in Summerlin at a chain restaurant, but it was good. After dinner, we returned to the hotel, cleaned up and figured out writing this blog.  Tomorrow is another day full of adventure…

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