Day 1 “Welcome Home”

We left snowy New England for sun, sand, and warmth in the Bahamas.

We made our way to Long Island via Nassau.  We fly Southern Air and yesterday was the perfect example of why being laid back is essential to survival here.  When we first purchased out tickets our departure time was 2 p.m.. When we checked in we were told flight time had changed to 2:50 and to be in the gate area by 1:45. At 1:15, gate change was announced and we were asked to board at 1:45.  Off we went earlier, rather than later and we were ok with that.

Arriving in Nassau

Due to our early arrival we had time to hang at the airport to wait for our rental car hand over.  While waiting we chatted with a lovely local woman, waiting for her delayed Nassau flight.  When she discovered this was our third visit to her island, she welcomed us home, with the most sincere “Welcome Home.”

Our first stop was for some food for dinner and breakfast in the morning and well Kalik.  We had traveler brain fog, so going beyond two meal plans was not happening.  We picked up the basics and headed to a new to us rental in Turtle Cove.

We arrived at the cottage and unloaded, unpacked and tried to get two beers cold.  The view from the deck is partially lovely, the other part is a roof. This accommodation is a bit less than the previous place we stayed, so we can’t complain.  The advantage this place has is we can walk to a beach area that has tide pools.



After settling in, we grabbed two beers and went to check out the beach.  Hopefully we will get a chance  to snorkel here.  After a short walk we headed back to the cottage.


We made a quick dinner of pasta, watched the clouds and called it an early night.  We have no sunset views at this house, but we can fall asleep to the sound of crashing waves. It’s all about give and take on our Eastern island home.


Please note blog posts will be shorter and with less pictures, the internet is very weak at this cottage.

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