Final Day in D.C.

Our little excursion was coming to a close.  After a cup of Mike’s coffee and the hotel breakfast we set off to see a museum exhibit or two.  Besides the Renwick, the museum we always return to is the Hirshorn.  I wouldn’t consider us avant garde, but we enjoy contemporary art because it pushes us beyond a comfort zone and makes us think.  Of course sometimes, we do admit, we don’t get it.

The sky was gray as we walked over from the hotel, but we didn’t mind as it created a dramatic backdrop to photograph the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial.


The Hirshorn ALWAYS has art that makes us think, wonder, question and sometimes just plain go WOW.  The visit today was no exception.

The inner circle of the Hirshorn had an exhibit by Artist Mark Bradford. The scale of this was impressive to say the least.

Our next museum was the National Gallery of Art.  For the past five years we have been traveling to D.C. we have not visited this museum.  This was our first experience here and we only had time to do the East Building.  Here I was excited to see works by Jackson Pollock, Matisse and Andy Warhol.  As we meander throughout we commented how this will be another museum we will continue to return to.

Of course it did have the type of art that made us go “hmmmm”.

Time flies by when you are be dazzled by art, so we had to head off to lunch before the airport.  Of course we ended up at Bluejacket in the Navy Yard.  The cask beers this trip were off the chart exceptional and the food tasty.


After our late lunch, we headed to the airport. We boarded our flight almost on time, however there was a slight issue, which caused us to sit for a bit on the runway and we lost our slot for take off which meant more waiting.  I didn’t mind except we lost the spectacular colors of the sky once we were up, missing the setting sun.


Another fun DC trip came to an end, until next time…

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