Day 2 – Message Recieved

I am a believer in signs, messages from the universe. I look for these reminders in life to keep me on track or to remember people. Today two messages were given to us and maybe not for us, but given to us.

Sunday morning began with the vacation ritual of coffee-making and taking it down to the beach to enjoy. su0tRvZJRf63+TvpyhsoCg

The morning light was both playful and dramatic as we sipped our coffee and wandered around the beach.

We strolled back to the cottage past a rock that reminded us to be thankful. Got it message #1 received.IMG_1972

At the cottage we made a quick breakfast of eggs with cheese and toast. We had to get to the three best stocked grocery stores before they closed early.


We spent the morning in Pettys and Salt Pond grocery stores finding our food supplies. We were lucky to find frozen crawfish tails at Pettys, which meant a lovely dinner tonight. After completing our food run, we decided to go check out Turtle Cove for a snorkel.


The dark spots are all turtle grass so tropical fish were not abundant. The water was a bit cloudy, no underwater photos were snapped.  Mike was lucky enough to see one turtle and of course once we got of the water to dry off, two turtles came in to swim around.

After drying off we headed to Max’s Conch Bar. Though we realized it may or may not be open because well, this is Island Life.  Of course today it was NOT open, so we headed into Clarence Town to Rowdy Boys.  I had a fresh catch of the day sandwich and Mike had a conch burger, both delicious and filling.  While we were there, we heard the sharks were visiting. After lunch we went out to see the critters. We missed the gathering of sharks, but did have one sting ray and one shark to watch for a bit.


On our way back, we played our favorite game of pick a road to go down and see where it takes us.  We had a high scorer on this one, We turned at the sign for Country Cove Inn and traveled to the end of the road. What did we find? A cemetery, a gazebos and a beautiful little beach with the finest sand to walk in.


Message #2 came to us in the boat name:


After enjoying the views, we headed home to nap and check the newly released JetBlue airfares for next December. Waking up a bit refreshed, I made salads for dinner and the next few meals too. Mike cooked up the crawfish tail and we dined. After dinner Mike looked some more at airfare and I read.  The sunset tonight was lighting up the sky and we both realized how much we miss watching the entire sunset.

Coffee on a beach, sea creatures seen, roads taken and messages received, I would say that makes for a fine Sunday.

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