Hill-Stead Museum Trails and a Piece of the Metacomet


We had a little free time on Tuesday afternoon and wanted a quick new hike to take in.  We decided to explore the trails at Hill-Stead Museum in Farmington.  We had hoped to complete all the trails, but on the day we went to explore all interior trails were closed, so we could only walk the Woodland Trail/ Loop.


The trail is easy to follow, especially if the inner trails are closed.



What I enjoyed most about the trails were the carpet of leaves, we crunched through and the benches that were dispersed on the trail.


We veered off on the Metacomet trail for a bit to gain a some distance on this trek.


The Metacomet re joined the Woodland Trail after a bit.


After we emerged from the woods, we took the offshoot to the Overlook.  The Overlook looks out over Clatter Ridge Farm.

IMG_7844 IMG_7848

After the overlook we returned to the trail and had a short walk back to the car.  Due to the fact the interior trails were closed, our hike was very short.  We decided to drive up to the Metacomet trail by 50 Cents’ house.  This little hiking segment added another mile to our short walk.



Overall this was a quick little jaunt in the woods, would be perfect for an easy family walk with toddlers.

The Details:  Hill-Stead with the Metacomet combined on the property was about 1.5 miles, easy.  Driving over to the other piece of the Metacomet and doing an out and back hike added in another mile.  Overall easy hike.


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