Rainbow Greetings

It has been a long day of travel. First 4.5 hours to Houston, walking very fast to catch the next plane, hopped on that and continued on for another 8 hours.  A rainbow greeted us as we descended into Oahu.


After we landed, our first stop was the grocery store.  What a madhouse and we were so tired, we just couldn’t make decisions about we needed to purchase to eat for the next few days.  We left with a few items to get us through to Saturday.

Our final stop, before we headed to the rental house, was Honolulu Beerworks.  On our last trip to Oahu in 2013, craft beer hadn’t infiltrated the island yet.  So of course we had to give this place a try and if we deemed it worthy enough, bring a growler back to the house.  Oh yes it was worthy and then some!!  Atmosphere was great, food delicious, and beer, it was pretty darn tasty.  The only downside is parking, Mike had to run out at one point to move the car, because where we parked turns into a ticket and tow zone after 3:30 p.m.


After we enjoyed the beer and food, we were to tired to head to the fish market, so off to find the rental house we went.  We decided to take the downtown route, instead of the highway. YIKES, all the people, it is busier now than when we visit in the summer.  We found the house easily, a tiny bungalow with Diamond Head looming behind us.

We unpacked and changed into comfy clothes and headed across the park to the beach.  Of course there was another rainbow.


We really, really wanted to stay for sunset, but our clocks are still on east coast time, so we stayed about 10 minutes and headed home, to tired to watch the full sunset.


We are very very tired and looking forward to our bodies adjusting to the time tomorrow, so we can watch the entire sunset!!

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