Canal Trail – Wandering the Avon Woods


We spend our Saturday mornings, going to local farms.  One of our favorite places is Sub Edge Farm in Farmington, CT right next door to the Avon town line.  We began to notice hiking signs close by.  After doing a bit of research and finding some links to this area, we decided to check it out on an October Sunday morning.

We first started on the Fisher Farm trail, that went behind a cornfield on a brambled filled path.


We didn’t get  far because the invasive species of thorn bearing plants had overgrown the trail and were attacking us.  We found a little clearing to reach  the farmer’s path, that was free of brambles but full of poison ivy. Luckily the little freeze we had last night, was destructive to the ivy.

Once back at the parking lot we crossed over the road to the other hiking sign, this path looked promising.


We meander in the woods, following the yellow blazes to a swampy area and  a sweet little treasure of a bridge.

P1250842 P1040912

We lost the blazes at the swampy area, but we followed an old woods road for a bit. I spied an old kayak tucked into the woods.


P1040917 P1250845 P1040918

We followed the road for a bit, until we found another trail leading off.  We went right and trucked along the path.

P1250855 P1040925

This trail returned us to the swampy area and here we were greeted by a blue heron, perched, waiting to be photographed.

P1040932 P1040934 P1040938 P1040936 P1040939

The light in the forest was beautiful.  It was a crisp Sunday morning to just wander the woods and enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature. We plan to return to check out the other trails we noticed here.

P1040944 P1040920 P1040923

The Details: parked at Fisher Farm trailhead in Avon off of Tilloston Hill Road. Crossed over to the trails that border Avon Old Farms School.  We walked about 3 miles for an hour.

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