Waterfalls of Dolly Copp Road


It’s a Tuesday, it’s July and the trails are packed in the White Mountains.  So what to do? Go to some waterfalls that aren’t popular.  We decided to hit the waterfalls off of Dolly Copp Road in Randolph.  Our first stop was Triple Falls.

P1250403 P1030734 P1250407

We never saw a sign for Erebus Falls, so I am assuming this is it:

P1250413 P1250419

We came to Evans Falls after Erebus.


P1030747 P1250422 P1250438On our way down, I sat while Mike went exploring.  I found a great little spot and enjoyed the solitude.

P1250444 P1030768 P1030772 P1030783 P1030785

After a bit, we reached the car and drove over to a parking lot that served the Howker Ridge Trail and the Randolph Path.


Follow the Howker Ridge Trail.


Cross a few bridges to avoid mud.



The Bumpus Brook calls out as you walk along.


We came to Stairs Fall first.


However the stairs looked dry, but to the left of them there was a nice cascade. Our our way out, there was a professional photographer down in there snapping pictures.


Thank you to person who owns the private property for allowing access.


Next stop was the Devil’s Kitchen, but we couldn’t get down there to see it.


Next up was Coosauk Falls at .7 miles.  Mike attempted to get down to it, but the footing wasn’t secure and even though we have our hikesafe cards, he didn’t want to chance it.


The way down to the Coosauk Falls.


Didn’t get there, but was able to grab a close up from the trail.


Stay on the Howker Ridge trail.


Until the Hitchcock Falls at .3 miles past the Coosauk Falls.   So happy I brought my water shoes.  Both of us scrambled around this part and had a blast.

P1030820 P1030821 P1030830 P1250466 P1250474 P1030837

P1030842 P1030845 P1030846

Well I had to wash my hair.


After the Hitchcock Falls we turned around and returned to our car.  We really enjoyed our late morning jaunt visiting these falls on the Dolly Copp Way.

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