Dixville Notch Waterfalls – Part 1


Our Wednesday started with a drive to far North New Hampshire. An exploration of the Dixville Notch area was on our agenda.  Our first stop was a drive up waterfall, Beaver Brook Falls, located on Rt. 145 outside of Colebrook.  This truly is a drive up waterfall, you can sit in your car and just stare at its beauty.


However you can also get out and walk right up to the falls or hike the steep paths on either side.




After our viewing, we returned to the car and headed to Dixville Notch to explore two more waterfalls, The Flume and Huntington Cascades.  What we didn’t realize at the time, was how much we would fall in love with these woods.

We parked at the Dixville Flume Brook parking area, left our backpacks (with water shoes) in the car, grabbed our cameras and started to explore.





We took note of the Sanguinary Ridge Trail to the left of the brook, only knowing it was a 1.2 mile trek and not sure what we see on it, so we decided to skip it for today, doing more research later.  I then decided to explore the trail to the right and with excitement I bounded off on the Cohos Trail.  Since we discovered the Cohos Trail a few years ago, any time we see those CT signs we just happily follow it.


Of course in my excitement, I didn’t think to go back to the car to retrieve the backpack with water, food and water shoes.  I was skipping through the forest, following the trail, listening to the hum of the brook, the drone of logging trucks on the road and looked up to see we had to cross the road.

Cross the road we did to the other parking area for the Huntington Cascades, it was only about .25 to get to this area.  Right before we entered this parking area, we stopped and paid our respects to the first settlers of Dixville Notch.




We crossed the parking lot and followed the trail.



We were like two little kids scrambling over the rocks, exploring the nooks and crannies, ohhing and ahhing over the beauty of the trail.








As we explored this area, this little tree was sad we might not return:


However, I didn’t want to disappoint mother nature and it was at this spot I declared we are returning tomorrow, to hike prepared and swim in this pool.


So with the decision made to return on Thursday, we hiked back to the car and made a quick stop at the Balsams Resort to look around.


As I returned to the car, I shouted to Mike look up, what an amazing rock formation.


Oh no…I became fixated on this and knew we had to figure out the trail out there. Little did we know staring at it, that was Table Rock, listed on NH’s Terrifying 25 lists.

Once home we figured out a loop hike to return to Huntington Falls and visit Table Rock, so until Part 2…keep hiking.

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