Georgiana Falls Path


Another spectacular day in the White Mountains. We were short on time and had to leave the longer hikes for another visit, so we decided a hike to Georgiana Falls. It would give us the oh wow factor in a short amount of time.  We were not disappointed.

The path started at the end of Hanson Farm Road. Parking was ample.  We went through an opening in the gate and walked under Route 93 twice.


The walk at first was very easy.


Slowly the easy trail gave way to trail that was a rooty and a bit rocky.  Harvard Brook remained on our left.

P1030389 P1030393

Boulders started to line the trail and had us going over them.  Follow the red blazes that were very easy to see.


The first views of the falls were after an altar of lovely green moss.

P1030399 P1030402 P1030403

We continued up, climbing over boulders.

P1030407 P1030408

Shortly we reached a lovely pool at the lower Georgiana Falls.  At this point, Mike kept repeating “oh man, oh man.” This was about .7 mile mark. I continued on ahead.


I was a bit ahead and started echoing his sentiments, but maybe with a curse word or two added in.  I or rather we, were in disbelief at how beautiful these falls are.

P1030420 P1030423 P1030428

We knew that more falls existed, so up we went.

P1030429 P1030431

The fungus on this log didn’t look real, it was so shiny.


Right after seeing the fungus, I found a perfect viewing spot, well until the mosquitoes discovered me. Mike went on ahead to scout out the trail.  I started to go, but lost the trail.  So I returned to my spot, until he returned.  He then called me (yes, on the cell phone) to tell me where to pick up the trail, though the thunder of the cascades made it hard to hear him.

 076 P1030438 P1030439

Mike brought me up to this spot, where the red blazes ended.  We looked down on Route 93 and admired the views.  We stood and snacked at this perfect spot.

P1030443 P1030447 P1030449

After a while, we descended.  We decided that this area deserves more time than we had.  We really want to return and spend more time exploring this area and maybe find that bog.

The hike was a little over 2 miles and we spent a little over 2 hours in this area.

georgiana falls

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