Day 26 – A Hike, A Beer and all with friends…doesn’t get any better



Disclaimer:  This trail is now closed in 2015.  Starting March 21, 2015 trespassers will be arrested.  This trail was hiked before it was officially closed in 2013.  

Today we were meeting our friend C and her lovely little dude to walk up Kamehame Drive in Hawaii Kai.  I first heard about this hike on Morgan Hiking in Hawaii and in the Oahu Hiking Group on Facebook.  We really wanted to hike with C and little dude,  but we needed something that was short and one a stroller could navigate.  This was about as perfect as we could find, minus the two fences/gate that required a work around for the stroller.

We parked at the end of the road,


worked our way around the gate, ignored the no trespassing signs (We don’t do this normally, but have learned do what the locals do and ignore it on this hike)

the second work around

and walked up 1.5 miles to the “catwalk”.  Poor C she had just completed a leg workout at her bootcamp right before this, it certainly was an extra leg workout for her.

of course there was a water tank

IMG_3027 P1240128 P1240124 P1240122 P1240120 P1240118

The views from the top and “The Dead Man’s Cat Walk” were phenomenal.

P1240171 P1240150 IMG_3058 IMG_3047 IMG_3045 P1240138 IMG_3042 P1240136 P1240135 P1240134 P1240132

After the picture taking spree was over, we headed down.  Little Dude decided he was going to hike down on his own for a mile, while eating cheerios.  I was impressed because I can’t eat and walk at the same time.

little cheerio spill, stomp em out little dude, don’t eat them

IMG_0710 P1240184 P1240181 P1240175 IMG_0714

We were all ready for lunch and a beer, the perfect lunch spot was close at hand, Kona Brewery.  The portions were generous and delicious.  The beer hit the spot.

The blonde sampler

After we picked up the older children from school, we headed back to their house to retrieve our car.  On our way home we decided to see if the rumor we heard was true, a Leonard’s Bakery Truck in Haleiwa.  We drove the main road in Haleiwa and couldn’t find it, bummed out on that.

We had our late afternoon float, worked on the blog, had leftover lunch for dinner and enjoyed the sunset.  What a great day, out with a friend, amazing rewards of a view  after a steep walk up a road and good beer.  Life is good.


umm mike why are your fingers in the photo? I'm trying to squeeze another day out for us.  True Love
umm mike why are your fingers in the photo? I’m trying to squeeze another day out for us. True Love

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