Day 25 – Of Kings and Queens and Stately Trees

IMG_0694We rarely know the night before what the following day will bring.  Who knew we would spend the day visiting Hawaiian Royalty and towering trees?

We started the day first though with driving Tantalus Drive or Round Top Drive.  What a curvy road with stunning lookouts along the way.

P1230967 P1230983 IMG_2961 IMG_2958 IMG_2956

This cute couple was up there, she was very giddy. They spoke no English and had a driver, it was fun to watch how happy they were.

IMG_2950 P1230975After the drive down we made our way over to the Royal Mausoleum.  This is where a few Hawaiian Royalty and historic figures have their final resting place.  We couldn’t enter the crypt, but the grounds were beautiful to walk around and pay our respects.

IMG_2968 IMG_2967 P1230991 IMG_2966 IMG_2962 IMG_2970

The crypt door
The crypt door

P1240008On the grounds was a giant “sausage” tree.  This is a tree native to Africa.

P1230998This is the sausage fruit that hangs from it.

P1240002Be very careful when entering or exiting the grounds in a high clearance vehicle.  You can see where cars have scraped the lower branches of this tree that guards the grounds.

P1230994Our next stop was to visit King Kamehameha III’s summer home, Kaniakapupu.  This was a bit of a search to find.  It is not well known or visited.  It is one of the historic Heiau sites also.

P1240015We parked alongside the Nu’uanu Pali Drive and had to look for an opening in a bamboo forest.IMG_2976You will know you are in the right area if you see this tree.

IMG_2975Walk about 100-300 yards in the bamboo forest.

P1240012Take the second left and follow the trail for a few more hundred yards and viola you have arrived.

P1240014 P1240017 IMG_2981 IMG_2985 P1240027 IMG_2986 P1240033 P1240036 P1240039

Please don’t do what we witnessed one tourist do.  He climbed up on the top of a wall  and attempted a handstand.  All I thought was that man is going to have bad juju for the rest of his life.

We wandered the grounds, history says at one time there was a luau held here with 10,000 people in attendance.

As we were close to Foster Botanical Garden, we decided we had to stop.  While that was after making sure we had the $10.00 to get in.  We keep forgetting to stop at the bank, so it was search the car time for loose dollar bills.

Foster has some of the largest trees, just so stately.  The signage was outstanding at this garden.

P1240041 P1240088My favorite sign of the day:


Yes that is correct, cannonballs.  There is a tree that drops cannonballs.

P1240083 P1240085After the impressive trees, the orchids captured our attention.  A few varieties we have not seen before.

P1240092 P1240069 P1240051 P1240055 P1240060 P1240063 P1240066 P1240068 P1240049We were both very hungry and once again Yelp came to our rescue.  Half a mile away was a little French and Asian fusion Bistro, HASR Bistro.  A full business lunch crowd was lunching, it must be good.  We each had one of the fish specials, delicious.  Mike even ordered dessert, a creme brûlée.

Mike's special the Opa
Mike’s special the Opa

After lunch I ducked into the HASR Wine Store.  If you are looking for that perfect bottle of wine, this is the place to stop.  The owner is very knowledgeable.

We arrived home with the entire day already gone.  Spending time with the Hawaiian Royalty and some towering trees made the day fly by.  Another grand day on the island.

P1240099 P1240105


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