Day 27 – Falls, Food, Flying = Fabulous

P1240241We thought an easy waterfall hike was in order today.  We heard about Hamama Falls in the Kaneohe area.  Once again another hike that starts off in a residential section.  We parked on the road and hoofed our way up to the No trespassing gate.  All we had to do was walk around the gate.

Mike, are you going to join me?

This was another road walk, though this was loose gravel, not paved.  For all the reports I read, not one mentioned the views that surrounded the walk.

IMG_3079 P1240227 P1240225 IMG_3095The reports also didn’t mention how steep parts of the road are and in blazing sun.

IMG_3080 P1240222 P1240251The road stops and we followed a narrow path to the falls.


The path ends at the falls and what a sight to behold.  We had a good time playing in the falls, it was so refreshing after a hot hike.

P1240242 P1240241 P1240237 IMG_3090 P1240235 P1240232 P1240230 P1240228After we were refreshed, Mike spent time harvesting mountain apples and awapuhi (I love to wash my hair with the real thing).

enjoying first mountain apple on the trail
couldn’t reach those apples, so he shook the tree, down they rained
picking my awapuhi

We also were cooled off enough to stop and snap some photos of the flora.

P1240266 P1240250 P1240262

The hike was between 3 and 4 miles.  Our app, came in with 4 miles, while the books/blogs write that it is 3 miles.  It is a hot hike, with little air movement much of the way, wear a hat and make sure you get wet!!

Next stop was He’eia Pier for lunch.  This was a third trip to lunch at the Pier in Kaneohe.  I think we enjoy their food just a little bit, ok the view is fabulous too.

fried akule – before
fried akule after
Guava glazed pork chops, 2 of them.  I brought one home for dinner
Guava glazed pork chops, 2 of them. I brought one home for dinner

We had a late start to our day, so we headed home.  One of the items on my must do list was to go watch the kite surfers at Mokuleia Beach Park.  We can see them from our beach most days and most days there are 5-10 of them out there.  We drove out at 4 and there were a disappointing two and one was going in.  We drove home.

As we sat outside reading for half an hour, I looked out, where they surf from and counted five, back in the car to watch the kite surfers fly.

P1240282 P1240279 P1240276 P1240275 P1240274 P1240270 P1240267It is amazing to watch these acrobats fly and glide. I highly recommend spending some time watching them.  At 5 p.m. they started to head in, so we returned home.

We ate a simple dinner of leftovers and waited for the cupcake lady(aka Ka’Ala Cupcakes) to arrive with two banana chantilly and two lilikoi cupcakes.


Eating cupcakes at sunset is heavenly.


We did a short hike to splendid falls, ate some delicious food and watched flying acrobats on boards, yeah I think that equals out to a fabulous day.



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  1. Hamama Falls is one of my favorite hikes. Its 5 miles roundtrip. Its not that steep though! 😉 I have been on much steeper. One summer I collected 30 mountain apples from Likeke Falls. I ate so many I got sick of them. I turned green whenever I saw them.

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