Day 18 By Land and By Sea

After breakfast we hit Tunnels Beach for a little sun time.  Very quiet on the beach in the morning.

After that we made a quick lunch and hit the road.  We were meeting friends down at Port Allen.  I was going on the Blue Dolphin Napali Boat Ride with my friend Paul and his two kids, while Mike hiked the Awaawapuhi Trail.  Paul’s wife being 7 mths pregnant couldn’t go on the tour, so she enjoyed some  much deserved “me” time.

Paul and I at the start of the cruise

I was really happy to be on a boat, cruising along.

Me on the boat

The scenery was beautiful.

looking down the napali coast
we were told this is the largest Hau tree in the world
looking down the coast

We anchored right by the “red eye”, an old lava tube.

red eye, lava tube

People jumped off the boat and snorkeled.

snorkel away

after the snorkel, we continued on our way down the coast.

ann with the cliffs

We had the company of dolphins for a bit.

spinner dolphin

After a light dinner was served we headed back to port.  The sun was setting and the light on the landscape was serene.

Late afternoon sun on Waimea

The captain stopped the boat so we could watch the sunset.

sunset from the boat

So while my adventure was going on, Mike was having his own. He hiked the Awaawaphui Trail in Kokee State Park. He completed 6.2 miles in 2 hours 17 minutes.  Yup he powered hiked it and it was not a difficult nor technical trail.

first view nu'alolo is off to the left
hey is that me on the boat?
another view from the trail
profile of hike

After Mike completed the hike, he drove up to the lookout at the end of the road and walked down some of the Pihea Trail and spotted our boat again.

Look there I am again

He then drove Waimea Canyon Drive down.  Stopping along the way to snap a few pictures.

Waimea canyon

When Mike reached Port Allen he went out on the dock and enjoyed the sunset as I was enjoying it from the boat.

sunset by land

It was a fun-filled afternoon for both of us.  Tomorrow’s adventure for us begins early with 7 a.m. stand up paddle board lessons on the Hanalei River and Bay. Can’t wait.

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