Day 19 – SUP Baby

Up early to learn how to SUP, Stand Up Paddle Board.  We met our instructor Patrick a little after 7 a.m. in Hanalei.  He led us to Black Pot Beach after jump starting his ailing truck.

Once we unloaded the truck of boards and paddle, we had a land demo of how to paddle.  At first I was nervous, as with any body movements it takes me forever to get it into my muscle memory (ask my crossfit coaches).  For some reason this didn’t take as long, but it didn’t require learning new moves.

We first went up the Hanalei River, a great place to learn and work on the paddling stroke, and how to turn, stop and fall off, get back on.

learning with Patrick
on the Hanalei river
going dow the river

After Patrick felt we were confident enough and proficient at technique, we went out to the ocean to ride waves. Hanalei Bay is a great place to learn because of the shallow depth, easy waves and sandy bottom.  I did take a few spills, but a few were a result of laughing so hard, I couldn’t keep my balance.

out on the ocean
Mike had the camera so this is his self-portrait
lovin' it
I am so freakin' loving this

But after a few hours we were tired. Our legs were still hurting us from the hike on Wednesday and our time had run out on the lesson. A part of me wanted to be that little kid who screams on the beach “but I don’t want to go home yet.”  I knew I couldn’t.  We packed up and I was so happy that I tried this new sport.  I really believe Mike and I were meant to live on an island.

After a lunch at home, we recovered by a nap (me) and some down time.  One of our favorite down time activities is to watch this waterfall.  Today it was the fullest we have seen it from our house.

house waterfall

Then we hit the road again.  Off to Lihue for the sunshine market.  We knew we couldn’t make tomorrow’s Hanalei Market, so off we went for the 45 minute drive.  On the way down we had to stop at the post office and one of our favorite views is across from the post office.

view across from post office

We picked up some goodies at the market and then the skies opened up, so off we sprinted.  We stopped in Princeville to grab a pizza (very good and reasonably priced) at the “gas station”, North Shore General Store and then we went regular grocery shopping at Foodland.

We devoured the pizza, caught up with world and strolled down to the beach for sunset.  What a treat we had, a wedding on the beach.

this is for my sister kerry, she loved the weddings on the beach

We could even see our waterfall from the beach.

waterfall and wedding

What an intense, action packed week. Tomorrow we head to Koloa to watch the parade with Eric and his family.  I’m hoping Sunday is a just crash on the beach sort of day.  Our time is winding down and we still have much to do…..

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